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West Lauderdale High School hosts college and career fair

West Lauderdale High School students got a chance to explore their futures yesterday during the school’s annual college and career fair.

“We want to give our students plenty of opportunities to think about their career, possibly things that are offered here in our state. A lot of times students think they need to go off somewhere, but we have plenty of opportunities here in our state. So we want our students to know that,” said

Sandy Reid, the assistant principal.

Over 40 representatives from various colleges and careers were at the fair to give information to students.

“I think college fairs are great to get paperwork and basic information, and then from there go on to the next step of contacting that college, getting a tour set up, and talking about scholarship information,” said Mallory Vance, a student ambassador with East Mississippi Community College.

One student shared the colleges that stood out to him.

“Ole Miss and West Alabama. West Alabama because it has a really good nursing program, and I want to go into nursing,” said Cameron Smith, an 11th grader.

Reid explained why the school hosts the fair each year.

“When our students leave us, we want them to know where they’re going next and what the plan is for their future. Because that’s ultimately what we want to do, let those students have a successful future even when they leave us.”

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