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Queen City Race for Life is Back

Meridian Community College and the American Cancer Society are joining together to continue the fight against breast cancer. Today at Dumont Plaza, the two groups will host the annual Queen City Race for Life.

“The 5k race will start at 8 a.m. Followed by that will be a one-mile fun run. Followed by that is the famous high heel dash where men wear their high heels and dash down 22nd Avenue, and it is a sight to see. Then the favorite part for me is the street strut, where people decorate their umbrellas in honor or memory of a survivor. To me that’s what makes this event special and different from other 5k races,” said Phyllis Holladay, the Phi Theta Kappa advisor at MCC.

The race started seven years ago following Cindy Kane Schlock’s desire to honor her sister who lost her battle with the disease.

So far 150 people will participate in the race, and over 200 are expected to attend.

“We have a jumpy. We have face painting. We’re going to have biscuits from McDonald’s this year, a coffee station. Cosmetology will come out and paint fingernails,” said Holladay.

Channing Peebles with the American Cancer Society said events like this keep hope alive.

“We all know someone that’s had cancer, whether it be your neighbor, your mom, your sister, a brother, anybody. Everybody knows somebody that’s had cancer. We totally want to live in a world where we’re cancer free. One day cancer will be something of the past. That’s why we do things like this. To raise funds and awareness for cancer.”

If you would like to donate money in honor of memory of someone with breast cancer, you can bring your donation to the event.

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