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Downtown construction almost complete

According to the City of Meridian, the downtown construction project is in its final stages.

“The vast majority of construction downtown has been completed. We are going to be looking at a traffic study and a parking plan for how we can alleviate some of the parking issues,” said CAO Richie McAlister.

He added that the downtown construction project is ahead of schedule and may be fully complete by the beginning of next year.

A major focus right now is the street-scaping of Fifth Street.

“All the plumbing work, all the utility work, the drainage lines have all been put in. They’re going to begin putting topsoil in the flowerbeds starting tomorrow. They’ll begin mulching the beginning of next week. So we really look forward to seeing that project come to fruition. One minor change that will be taking place is we’re going to have parking on 22nd Avenue from Fifth Street to Eight Street, that will be for compact cars. You won’t be able to put extended cab trucks out there,” said McAlister.

Another focus is the completion of the MDOT project located next to the old police station.

“I appreciate everyone downtown as well as the citizens throughout Meridian for hanging in there with us and knowing that progress is sometimes painful. So we appreciate everyone,” said McAlister.

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