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New cardiologist practice now open

A new cardiologist practice in Meridian is now taking patients. Cardiovascular Institute of the South opened today following yesterday’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We decided to come to Meridian. We had a great opportunity to partner with nine outstanding cardiologists that have been in this community for the last 25 plus years, and bring our resources and our systems to the community to improve the quality of care,” said CEO David Konur.

“As a group, we have been working closely together when we made the decision several years ago that we wanted to try to consolidate our work in order to maybe help take care of patients better,” said Dr. Wesley Bennett, one of the cardiologists.

The doctor’s office is located in the South Building of Anderson Regional Medical Center. It is the first out-of-state practice for the Cardiovascular Institute of the South, which is headquartered in Houma, Louisiana.

“We can bring new technologies. We can form systems of care and processes of care that are going to be useful to the patients that we serve,” said Bennett.

He added that the practice’s mission is to improve the community’s cardiovascular health.

“In this changing health care environment, quality of care is becoming so much more important for us to make sure that we’re being as effective as we can be. Quality of care is the first thing that we have to pay attention to.


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