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Absentee voting now available

Following Mississippi’s voter registration deadline on Saturday, absentee voting is now available.

“We want you to come in and vote now. Whatever county you’re in, go vote in your circuit clerk’s office now. Do not wait. You don’t want to wait in line if you can avoid it,” said Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson.

Mississippi does not have early voting. To vote absentee, you must have a legally valid reason as to why you cannot vote on Election day, which is November 8th.

“We’ve had people calling. We’ve had people coming in saying, ‘Oh my goodness, I have a vacation scheduled, I’ve got surgery scheduled, I’m going to be on active duty.’ We have nurses and doctors that work shift work and cannot get to the polls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We have college students on fall break this week and next week coming by to vote absentee. So, there are many legal reasons to vote absentee,” said Johnson.

Absentee ballots can be submitted in person or by mail.

“If they go through the mail, there is a legal step. Some of them have to be notarized, so you want to get started right away,” said Johnson.

If voting in person, you must show ID.

“You have to show your ID to vote. So, you take your driver’s license or whatever your legal, state-issued ID is, whether it’s a gun permit, your passport, or a student ID that’s issued,” said Johnson.

The clerk’s office is also reminding voters to vote in their correct precincts to have their votes count.


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