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MCC names Humanities Professor of the Year

A former Meridian Community College student and now English instructor, Robert Fowler has been named MCC’s Humanities Professor of the Year.

“We nominate faculty and then there is a committee that chooses the winner of the Humanities Professor of the Year,” said Vice President of Operations Barbara Jones.

Instructors who win the award are deeply rooted in the humanities and have demonstrated a significant impact on students.

During yesterday’s ceremony, the honoree gave a lecture about William Faulkner and his short story,” Barn Burning.”

“I think what struck me most about the particular Faulkner story that I chose was the fact that his work has aged so well, and for good or ill, it’s still very relevant,” said Fowler.

He explained how Faulkner, a native of Mississippi, wrote stories that questioned how Mississippi would redefine itself following the Civil War. Fowler said he’s grateful to receive the award and shares what he hopes his students will learn from his class.

“I hope that they are able to look beyond just the story. I hope that they are able to read a piece of literature and see more than the screenplay or movie that it will become. I hope that they can appreciate language itself.”

Fowler has been teaching at MCC for four years.

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