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NAMI to hold trauma and violence town hall meeting

To raise awareness about the trauma effects of violence, the Meridian affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow.

“We have five speakers that will speak on various topics ranging from understanding trauma and violence, teen dating violence, domestic violence, and violence in schools from the faith based perspective,” said Patricia Battle, the president of the organization.

The event is free and open to the public. It will be held in the EMEPA auditorium and starts at 5:30 p.m. Battle says that understanding violence and trauma is the first step towards positive change.

“I was talking to a psychologist and sometimes we’re not real clear as to whether its trauma or violence, but both of them have a very strong impact one’s life as well as the community. It’s extremely important to know about trauma and violence from the aspect of how we can help alleviate trauma as well as violence,” said Battle.

The speakers will explain how to identify signs of violence and trauma and how those affected can seek help.

“There are certain indicators: aggressiveness, becoming over assertive, those are some of the things we look at with violence. But when you look at trauma, trauma can be very subtle, or it can be someone acting out. So, trauma has a very wide gamut,” said Battle.

Event registration is not required.

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