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Meridian student selected to Mississippi all-star team

Top youth football players from across the state will compete in the Mississippi Prospects All State Gridiron Classic this December. One of those players, Montahj Law, is the only one from Meridian Public Schools.

“I feel grateful. I feel happy that I was picked. I can’t wait until our first game,” said Montahj.

The game will give players in grades 3 – 8 a chance to showcase their talent on the University of Southern Mississippi’s football field. Montahj, who’s a sixth grader at Northwest Middle School, said he’s been preparing for the moment.

“I just love running around and tackling people. I love helping other people out, because it’s a team sport. I’m kind of aggressive. When I’m on the field, I turn into a whole different person.”

Montahj has only been playing football for two years but is already making a name for himself.

His dad recorded him playing football for a local team and sent the footage to Mississippi Prospects. Montahj’s skills stood out.

“We are so, so excited. It was a long process trying to get him nominated for the team. We’re just really excited to see him go far in his field of sports,” said his mother, Torkeshia Law.

Montahj said he has dreams of going to the pros one day, but right now, is focused on the big game. Thinking of what it has taken to get here, Montahj said his heart is full of gratitude.

“I just want to thank everyone that helped me. My coaches, my family, and my friends. They help me, always, and they bring up my spirits for football. I just want to say thank you and I love you guys.”

You can watch Montahj play in the Mississippi Prospects All State Gridiron Classic at the University of Southern Mississippi on December 31st.


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