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MCC supports student groups at fall festival

Yesterday, students and faculty at Meridian Community College took a quick break from class. The college held its annual fall festival to give student groups a chance to promote their missions and raise money. A few students shared why they chose to attend.

“Really for the fish. But it’s a great environment for the kids. You got a lot of things to do. You got games, food,” said Raheem Warren.

“I kind of wanted to join the cultural organization, but I’m really just looking forward to getting into my programs,” said Kayla Jones.

Over 30 student groups set up booths and got creative when it came to fundraising.

“We’re all about being a brotherhood in Phi Beta Lambda, and we’re trying to find quick and fun ways on how to do that, such as jail-for-bail. It’s the cops’ duty to go out, find warrants, and arrest those people who are responsible. So far, it’s one dollar to put them in jail,” said William Newman.

“The Student Association of Broadcasters is coming through. We’re trying to raise money to go to the National Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas. Right now, we have Mr. Patrick Lovett, our campus coordinator…people come up and throw pies in his face,” said Joshua Cross.

MCC’s Director of Recruiting and Campus Life, Marie Roberts, explained that student groups are a vital part of college life.

“Statistics really tell us that the more students can get plugged into campus, the more likely they are to stay in school and graduate on to their next level of success. So, finding something they can get into and get involved with is just adding one more opportunity for fun and growth and development as their college experience continues here with us at MCC.”

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