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Breast cancer survivor empowers other survivors

Since the time of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2010, Shondia Sabari has been determined to live with confidence. Today during a reception at City Hall, she encouraged other survivors to do the same.

“I had two types of breast cancer in my right breast, and it was stage 0. In my left breast, I had two stages. I had stage 0 and stage 1A,” said Sabari.

The disease came with no warnings, but a gut feeling told her something was wrong.

“Thirty-six years old. No symptoms. No signs to suggest breast cancer. One day I was getting dressed getting ready to go to Dollar Tree, and something just said you need to get a mammogram.”

The next day Sabari headed to the doctor, and two days before Christmas, heard news that would change her life forever.

“I knew that being upset and a nervous wreck ...shortly after reality sinked in, that crying, wasn’t going to help me. So, I just did what I had to do.”

Sabari relied on her faith in God and moved from being scared to having the courage to get a double mastectomy.

After winning her fight with breast cancer, she wanted to do something to give back. She traveled across the nation telling her story…and last year, Mayor Percy Bland declared October 31st as Shondia Sabari Day – Meridian.

“Instead of focusing so much on me because I was given a proclamation, I wanted to do something to make other survivors, and others in the area that are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, to feel special,” said Sabari.

At today’s reception, she showered survivors with empowering words and gifts. Being cancer free for 5 years, Sabari said she has never felt better.

“You know, my experience with breast cancer was not a bad experience. I think I had to go through that in order to find my calling in life. I now know, because of my experience, that my calling is to inspire and to motivate others that have dealt with or are dealing with breast cancer.”

To learn more about Shondia Sabari’s story, you can visit her website at



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