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How you can help East Mississippi Wildlife rehab center

The East Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation center is committed to rehabilitating and releasing all baby wild animals that come through their door--animals that have been injured or orphaned due to being hit by cars, logging, or illegal hunting.

“It’s really bad in this area. It’s horrible, so I don’t get to release them here.”

But Dixon says that concerned citizens who bring them in also contribute to the problem.

“They’re meaning well, they really are. Because all they see is this little baby laying and no mom around.”

However, that isn’t necessarily the case.

“Mom was around, you just didn’t see her. She laid her baby down to go forage and eat on her own, and you came across it and kidnapped that baby.”

So, here’s what to do if you come across any baby wildlife that may look injured or orphaned.

“Call us first. That way we can talk you through and ask you questions. That way we can determine whether or not they are orphaned.”

Dixon explains how you can further support their mission.

“You can sponsor one of the animals. There’s different prices for different animals. There’s a supply list on there, stuff that we need all the time. So, they can purchase that or send it to us or they can send us monetary donations through PayPal.”


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