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Lauderdale County polls see large turnout

Local polls have been busy since seven this morning. Lauderdale County residents came out in strong numbers today to cast their votes for the nation’s next president.

“We’ve been having a phenomenal crowd all day trickling in. This is one of the highest precincts in

the city,” said Tory Moore, the precinct manager at Velma Young Community Center.

“Sometimes we have that surge of people coming, so they have to wait in line a little bit. Right now, it’s a little slower, but it’s near the lunch hour, so I expect it’ll be picking up pretty quickly,” said Nancy Warner, the precinct manager at Meridian Little Theater.

For the most part voting went smoothly. Machine glitches were quickly repaired.

“We had one small problem and the guy came out and took care of it, but it didn’t slow anything down. It wasn’t an inconvenience to anybody,” said James Nelson, the precinct manager at Northeast Community Club.

But some residents had trouble voting at their precincts.

“We’ve had quite a few whose names have not been on the poll list. We have to verify that before we can allow them to vote,” said Ann Roberts, the precinct manager at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

When it came to casting their ballots, residents were excited.

“Voting is very important. If you want your voice to be heard, you need to come out and vote,” said Reginald Cole.

And passionate about the candidates they voted for.

“I voted for Donald Trump because I’m a republican, and I believe he’s going to do great things for this country,” said Holly Koch.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton because I think her economic plan is solid,” said Stephen Wilson.

“She is someone who wants to embrace everyone in this country and not leave people out,” said

Ducky McCormick.

“I voted for Donald Trump because I think there seriously needs to be a change in our government. It no longer represents the people,” said John Smith.

“I think that she’s the best woman for the job. Even if she wasn’t the best woman, I think she’s the best person for the job,” said Nancy Donald.

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