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Quitman resident, Magnolia McGee, turns 103

Magnolia McGee, a resident of Quitman, is celebrating her 103rd birthday this Friday.

“We’re so blessed and so thankful. I moved down here from Illinois about 17 years ago to help take care of her. We’re just so glad to still have her,” said Lorene Shipp, McGee’s daughter.

Born on November 25, 1913, in Melvin, Alabama, McGee and her parents moved to Quitman when she was 14. Looking back, McGee says times were tough…

“I used to pick cotton, chop cotton.”

But also good….

“When I married I was happy. I had a good husband.”

She was married for 75 years and worked as a maid. She has 4 children, over 30 grandchildren, and a great-great-great grandchild. At 103 years old, McGee can still walk, see, and hear and is still in her right mind.

“Some things I forget. Sometimes it come back to me. Right now, I can remember. Sometimes I forget… but I just thank the Lord.”

Being a centenarian, however, hasn’t slowed McGee down.

“We take her everywhere we go. She doesn’t want home health or anybody like that to come in,” said Shipp.

McGee shares advice for living long.

“People meet me and they say I wish I could live to get as old as you. I say just be nice and know how to treat people.”

McGee’s birthday celebration will take place at the Family Life Church on Friday in Quitman. Over 50 guests are expected to attend. She has early well-wishes from Amayri Conner, one of the youngest in the family.

“Happy birthday song…”

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