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Possible severe weather coming through

Starting tonight, the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency says Meridian is likely to see

severe weather involving heavy rain and strong winds.

“Winds will continue to be a factor. They’ve been a factor all day. They’ve been 30 to 45 mph today, which has caused some fires around the area from power lines sparking and stuff like that. That’ll probably be a factor later on,” said LEMA Director Scott Spears.

The storm is expected to pick up around midnight and some flooding may occur.

“The ground is dry, so when the rain starts, especially if we have flash flooding that’s more possible for tomorrow night and Wednesday, it’s probably going to be a lot of runoff because the ground is so hard. It’s not going to soak it up immediately,” said Spears.

Residents are advised to remove all items out the yard.

“Thanksgiving has come and gone. We got all the Christmas decorations out. It’s time to get stuff picked and put up and secure so they won’t blow around and break your windows or blow out in the street. So, we need to get all that stuff picked up,” said Spears.

He added that the weather should be back to normal by Thursday.

“I think probably after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, of course that could change, it looks like the rain and severe weather will probably die down. Thursday is looking like it’s going to be a pretty day.”

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