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Sawmill company donates to early childhood reading program

Books are coming to Neshoba County to help children fall in love with reading. Weyerhaeuser, a sawmill company in the area, gave a donation to United Way of East Mississippi’s Dolly Parton Imagination Library program.

“Weyerhaeuser, today has given us a check for $1,500 to go towards the children of Neshoba County for books,” said Leah Stinson, the county’s program coordinator.

“Right away everybody jumped on board with the fact that we could get books in small children’s hands. One of our leaders from Kemper is already doing this program. He testified to the fact how much his kids got out of it. We didn’t second guess it at all and just supported it and got behind it,” said Stan Webb, the sawmill’s plant manager.

Imagination Library has been in Neshoba County for about seven months and currently serves over 800 children.

“Imagination Library is set up for children age one day to five years. Once you sign up, the children will receive in the mail, free, a book every month that is age appropriate and new with their name on it until they turn five. When they turn five, they graduate the program and are ready to start school,” said Stinson.

She added that the program has shown to be effective.

“We can follow the children that have had the books versus children that have not had the books and watch their progress in school to see if it’s better. So far, in other counties, it has proven to help the education of children. So, we would like all parents of children ages one day to five to please sign them up. This is a free book and it will come to your house directly to them.”

Parents who wish to sign up can do so by visiting United Way of east Mississippi’s website, or by calling the Community Development Partnership in Philadelphia.

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