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Rush Hospital receives award for baby deliveries

Rush Foundation Hospital has received an award for excellence. Yesterday, March of Dimes and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists District VII, recognized the hospital for reducing early elective deliveries to 5% or lower.

“This is an elite thing to have accomplished, we’re commemorating it with a banner,” said Dina Ray, executive director of marketing development at March of Dimes.

An elective delivery is an early delivery performed for a non-medical reason. Non-medical reasons include having a baby early simply to end pregnancy, or requesting a C-section due to fear of vaginal birth.

“Mississippi has the highest prematurity in the nation. You can imagine what that means to our population’s health. If you start off with a disadvantage in the beginning of life, it’s going to be much harder to ever have a healthy life,” said Ray.

“Research has shown that the best time to deliver a baby to have the best outcomes and be the healthiest is between 39 and 40 weeks, so that’s what we’ve promoted and worked towards,” said Casey Bland, director of nursing at Rush.

Rush doctors, nurses, and midwifes educated expecting mothers about the importance of natural time deliveries and how to deliver a healthy baby.

“Nutrition is always key. A lot of the health of the mother prior to even getting pregnant plays a role in how healthy their pregnancy will be and how healthy their baby will be. So, those are some of the things we really stress,” said Bland.

Rush Foundation Hospital was 1 of 15 hospitals out of 44 birthing hospitals in Mississippi to reduce early elective deliveries to 5% or lower.

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