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Too much political correctness?

So how much political correctness is too much for the American people to take? I can usually let most things that annoy me roll off my back by simply by saying “these people are ignorant” or “it’s the new generation”. But this one takes the cake. A small, private liberal arts college in Massachusetts has removed the American flag from its flagpole. Hampshire college officials ordered the flag to fly at half-staff the day after the presidential election “In reaction to the toxic tone of the months long election.” Here we go again.

Our colleges and universities coddling students instead of preparing them for the real world. But its gets worse. Someone burns the American flag…the college replaces it again at half-staff. Then decides to remove it altogether. Why? According to the college president…some on campus “perceived the flag as a powerful symbol of fear they’ve felt all their lives because they grew up in marginalized communities, never feeling safe.” This from a school where tuition is 62,000 dollars a year.

As you can imagine, veterans are furious…protesting at the college over the weekend. To them and most Americans, the flag represents freedom, not fear… a symbol for those who fought and died to keep this country free. Sure, the law allows you to protest…even burn the flag…but to remove it from view. That’s an insult to the thousands who died to protect it. The schools first mistake was flying the flag at half-staff. Nobody died. It was an election.

American soldiers risked their lives to raise the flag on this little rugged piece of land in the south pacific during world war 2..and you don’t even have the courage to fly it on your own campus. You should be ashamed our yourselves

college and universities need to stop pushing their own political and ideological agendas and do what they were hired to do… educate our young people. And let them think for themselves.

I’m randy swan and this is my swan song.

#RandySwan #SwanSong #HampshireCollege

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