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Habitat for Humanity and AmeriCorps build home for Meridian family

Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity and AmeriCorps are building a home from scratch to help a local family in need.

“It will be a three bedroom two bath home for a family that is part of our application process. We’ve already chosen five families, but only one of those families will be placed in this home,” said Monica Bradley, community outreach coordinator at Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity.

The AmeriCorps group working on the project are college students between the ages of 18 and 23. They have taken a quick break from school to travel across the southern region of the U.S. and give back.

“I personally decided to get involved because i wanted to do a gap year. I didn’t really want to go overseas and spend a lot of money. I wanted to volunteer my time. This is a really great program to do that. You get to travel around the country, meet new people, and help out America,” said Mika Gallati, an AmeriCorps volunteer.

The students came to Meridian two weeks ago after doing disaster relief in Louisiana.

To help get the job finished, Lauderdale county Habitat for Humanity is pulling support from the community. Tomorrow starting at 8 a.m. women are encouraged to join the effort.

“For women to come out and show a little bit of power. Use those power tools and empower yourself to give back to the community,” said Bradley.

But men are also welcome.

“Being the hands and feet of Jesus is what we’re about…and showing to others how Jesus would give back to those that are in need. That’s what this house is about, a family in need,” said Bradley.

This will be the 76th home that Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity has built in the area.

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