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LPK Architects chosen to develop downtown master plan

City officials met last night and decided that LPK Architects will be the architect firm to develop a downtown master plan.

“We’re glad to partner with LPK. LPK is a local architect. He is a certified master plan architect here in Meridian. He has done a lot of great projects for the city in the past,” said Mayor Percy Bland.

LPK Architects is the main architect firm developing the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience. The firm is also responsible for developing various projects with Mississippi State University, including the kinesiology facility downtown.

“The bottom line is that this facility right here and that downtown hotel over there are going to be a major attraction and draw for our city. We went ahead and went forward with the master plan because we know that with possibly 150,000 visitors to the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, we needed to deal with traffic flow, land usage, parking space, and other issues that are going to affect our downtown activity and our downtown businesses,” said Bland.

He explained that LPK Architects was chosen due to quickly approaching deadlines.

“The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience will hopefully be open anywhere between November or December 2017 or January 2018. We want this master plan to go ahead and start being worked on now, so that if we do have to make some changes with our streets and those sort of things, we can make decisions between my office and the city council and can move forward.”

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