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Evangel Temple Church puts on “The Choice”

The choices we make shape our lives…and Evangel Temple Church is reinforcing the message by putting on a play called “The Choice.”

“It is basically what the title states. It is about choices in life. The beginning of our play actually starts in biblical times and goes through different choices that were made in the creation of the world. It goes all the way to the resurrection of Christ,” said Catherine Kennedy, co-director and cast member.

Evangel Temple decided to change things up this year and put on a play that appeals to the modern-day world.

“We wanted to basically focus on our youth of today because there is so much going on with our youth, anywhere from sex before marriage, drugs and alcohol, and bullying,” said Kennedy.

With over 120 cast members and 30 crew members, the play had a big turnout during opening night a few weeks ago.

“I think we had close to close to over 6,000 people come that first weekend, and it was amazing,” said Kennedy.

Due to numerous requests for more shows, the church is featuring the play on New Year’s Day at

11 a.m., and January 14, 15, and 22 at 7 p.m. The show is free and Kennedy explained why everyone should attend.

“I would probably say that the importance of this play is monumental. It talks about how our choices in life affect our eternal life in heaven or hell. So, this play definitely opens the eyes to people who don’t really think about what’s happening in the spiritual realm about their eternal life. This play basically shows them you need to make that right choice so that you can have eternal life with Jesus Christ.”


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