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Salvation Army of Meridian donates toys to children

A warehouse room once packed full of toys is now nearly vacant. The Salvation Army of Meridian has distributed the toys just in time for Christmas morning.

“This was just a tremendous experience. We had toys for 1,084 children. As you can see, all but three children have picked up their toys. We’ll be catching up with them a little later in the day,” said Glenn Riggs, a Salvation Army officer.

Members of the community donated the toys and volunteered to arrange them for pick up on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We estimate, and it’s probably a conservative estimation, $70,000 worth of toys. If you could see the bikes that were in here, the easy bakes ovens, and all of the great remote control cars,” said Riggs.

Local families can now put more gifts under the tree.

“It had some things under it before, but now they see more stuff. They’re really excited. They can’t wait,” said Anthony Taylor, a parent.

Riggs explained why the Salvation Army strives to give every child a merry Christmas.

“Christmas is such a tender time for everyone. They experience unconditional love, the excitement, the anticipation. Every child deserves that experience.”


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