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Husband and wife arrested in Clarke County after vehicle chase, manhunt

A husband and wife have been arrested in Clarke County after committing an armed robbery and carjacking.

“Around 5:20 or 5:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police Department put out a be-on-the-lookout for a vehicle that was taken in an armed robbery and carjacking in city of Tuscaloosa,” said Sheriff Todd Kemp.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department also alerted OnStar, which tracked the couple driving the vehicle in Meridian. The two have been identified as Christopher and Stephanie Calloway, who deputies say are from South Carolina.

A local state trooper spotted them driving near the 134-mile marker on Interstate 59 South.

“He radioed his superiors. They were attempting to do a rolling stop on the vehicle. OnStar shut the vehicle down. The vehicle merged to the right side of the roadway on into the median, and the vehicle came to a stop. The driver exited the vehicle,” said Kemp.

Both individuals then fled into a wooded area behind some houses. Following a two-hour manhunt, they were spotted by an infrared camera on the Mississippi Highway Patrol’s helicopter.

Troopers and deputies moved in on the couple and took them into custody.

“They are wanted in the states of Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama at this time for numerous felony charges. All stem around armed robbery and carjacking,” said Kemp.

The Calloways are currently waiting for extradition back to Alabama.

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