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Tips to keep pets warm in cold weather

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by icy temperatures. The cold weather can be just as tough on animals.

“They can freeze to death just like we can. They can get frost bite on their ears or toes,” said Dr. Daniel Newell, a veterinarian at the Till-Newall Animal Hospital.

He shared a few tips about how to keep pets safe.

“Shelter, food, and water just like any other time. When the temperatures are in the 30’s at night, if it’s getting close to freezing, for a small dog or cat, it’s best to bring them inside.”

He recommended that if your animal has to stay outside to take precaution to keep them warm and to provide shelter to shield them from the wind.

“Large dogs that stay outside they need a dog house with some hay or some type of bedding in it. If they got some shelter from the wind and the rain and some bedding, they will usually be fine.”

He added that making sure they have water to drink is very important.

“Water is something to be aware of especially with dogs that are outside or livestock. It will freeze, so you have to be sure. You might have to take a sledge hammer and break the ice in water troughs or bring hot water out and fill buckets for dogs because water will freeze, and they can get dehydrated without a source of water.”

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