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Anderson Regional Breast Center continues excellence

Anderson Regional Breast Center has hit the 10-year mark for being a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. The designation was given by the American College of Radiology.

The center provides a wide range of imaging services, which include digital mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, biopsies, and more.

“It can all be done right here in this center. You don’t have to go somewhere else for one thing and come back. It can all be done here. It’s streamlined patient-centered, which is wonderful,” said Breast Radiologist, Dr. Amy Coleman.

She shared a few tips about breast health.

“There are lots of different things flying around out there, but you need a mammogram by age 40. Just look at your insurance information. You also want to have a self-exam where you exam yourself regularly, usually every month, if it’s right after your finish your cycle, or if it’s on the same day of the month. The other is to maintain a good lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise when you can, and do your best.”

She also dispelled the misconceptions about getting a mammogram.

“They may think it’s a really long and painful procedure. It can be a bit uncomfortable but it’s a quick exam. A mammogram does not have enough radiation to cause a breast cancer or any other problems with the breast. The other one is that if you have a normal mammogram, that normal report doesn’t last for five years. It’s one year and you need to get back and have your next one.”

Going forward, Coleman said that Anderson is striving to continue its excellence in delivering optimal care.

“We hope to continue to provide patient-focused quality breast-imaging care so that patients can continue to come here and have their exams and have the confidence in us to take care of them.”


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