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EMEPA CEO, Wayne Henson, retires

The East Mississippi Electric Power Association is saying farewell to CEO and longtime employee, Wayne Henson.

“I’ve been at EMEPA 43 years. It’s family and a place where I started right out of college. I’m really pleased to be able to leave the association in very good standing,” said Henson.

EMEPA gave Henson a retirement party yesterday. Henson has spent his entire career at the company, where he moved up through the ranks.

“I wanted to stay here. I had opportunities to go to other places. Other jobs, good jobs. But no other community captured my imagination like this community did. Looking back on 43 years, I made the right decision staying here,” said Henson.

When asked about his accomplishments as CEO, he is rather modest and attributes the company’s success to its employees.

“We have 145 of the best employees you could have. They’re committed to what they do. They’re local in scope, yet they have great talent.”

Randy Carroll, who currently serves as EMEPA’s chief administrative officer, will be the company’s new CEO.

“It’s exciting thinking about it. It leaves me with an overwhelming awe of responsibility for the 38,000 members that we serve and the 145 employee families that we have,” said Carroll.

Henson shared advice for his successor.

“Listen to the people that you serve. Strive to give the best service possible. Don’t try to treat everybody the same, try to meet everybody’s need.”

He said he looks forward to the future.

“I’ve been traveling a lot the last few years in work-related travel. I’m going to stay at home for a while. I’m going down to the farm and try to catch up on some work I have I’ve put off.”


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