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Free study guides for parents

At Northeast Elementary school, the Lauderdale county school district and the Meridian public school district, have both come together to announce, the Mississippi Department of Education’s family guide for student success.

“The family guide, for student success, is an easy parent-friendly way, for parents to partner with the school district as it relates to strategies that they can work on at home to enhance what students are learning during the school day," Dr. Amy Carter said.

Cheryl Thomas says, that with these booklets, parents can now use everyday household items, to help their kids learn at home.

“These are pre-k through 8th-grade guides, and they use materials that most everybody has in their home, so they are not things that parents would have to purchase, they are things that they can use and do these strategies to reinforce the things that are done in school," Thomas explained.

Activities range from using items such as dominoes, monopoly money, and spare change.

“And what their activities do is, it even gives them, questions to ask, here it lays out pennies in six groups of five and says, how many groups of five do you see there? And then division, 30 divided by five is six. You can do that in any kind of a problem but simple, practical activities to reinforce division at home," Thomas added.

Rebecca Woodard has children at northeast elementary, and she has already been utilizing the pamphlets.

“You have to really sit down with your kids because you can’t help them unless you kind of know what they are going over,” Woodard said. “And that’s the reason why I love that they sat down with us and gave us that book to go over. Because if you don’t understand what your kids are learning, you can’t help them. You have to basically sit down with them every night. And say, ‘ok, this is what you are going over in class. How can I help you?’ Stay in contact with their teachers and say what is my child’s weakness? What are their strengths? What do we need to work on at home to make sure that they are getting everything out of the class and then the teacher can move on to the next lesson with everybody else?”

The county and the city school district both agree, that the feedback on this program has been positive.

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