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E-F2 tornado confirmed in Simpson county, 25 homes damaged

SIMPSON COUNTY, Miss. - The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed an E-F2 tornado damaged 25 houses and took out power lines early Thursday morning on Pine Grove Road in Simpson county.

Waylon Kennedy told FOX 23 News he heard very strong winds and heavy rainfall right before a short period of silence. Kennedy stepped outside his house early Thursday morning and saw a 150 yard tornado.

“It got so quiet and then all of a sudden it was a loud roaring, just woooo like that, just like you had a truck bogged in the mud or something, just woooo" said Kennedy.

An elderly couple only houses down from Kennedy said they heard the sound of a train coming closer and closer each second passed.

Eudan Ates told his wife to take cover for protection. “And I told her lets go get into the hall, and it came, and I can feel the pressure, and all of a sudden, it set a boom.”

His wife, Faynell said they lived in the house since the 1970's and they are glad the tornado did not take their home, more importantly their lives.

“I thank the Lord, I really do, because He just blessed us, He really did" said Faynell Ates.

Simpson county Emergency Management Director Glen Jennings said the NWS will continue to evaluate the damage Friday.

Jennings also said the county is working to regain power for residents.

No injuries were reported.


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