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MCC remembers Steve Nabors, celebrates posthumous award

Meridian Community College still mourns the loss of creative director, Steve Nabors, but continues to celebrate his lifetime of achievement. The Mississippi Theater Association has granted Nabors a posthumous award for his contribution to the performing arts.

“We’re so excited, so thrilled for him, because what he did here and what he did in the state of Mississippi was amazing for theater,” said Lacy Johnson, an MCC public speaking instructor.

Nabors tragically died of a heart attack last August while sitting in his office at MCC.

“[He was] an amazing actor. He was an amazing director. I’ve been in several shows with him. He was just really an amazing human being,” said Johnson.

The award ceremony was last Sunday, and his wife accepted the award on his behalf.

“She got a standing ovation. Over 500 people stood up and went nuts because they all loved him and knew of his work. We here at mcc are very, very proud of the legacy that Steve Nabors left behind,” said Johnson.

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