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St. Patrick Catholic School hosts book fair

St. Patrick Catholic School is helping students fall in love with reading. Yesterday, St. Patrick held a school-wide book fair for students in grades K-8.

“Reading is a life-long skill. If we can foster that now while they’re here in elementary school and middle school and just create a love for reading, we know that will help them in the future and help them continue to learn. It was important that we didn’t choose their book and that they were able to do something they were interested in, so they could explain it,” said Jodi Lovette, a middle school teacher.

After reading their books, students had to take a trifold project board and decorate it with various elements such as title, author, and a summary.

“I like how me and my mom we did it together as a family thing,” said Laney Palmer, a second grader.

Some students even chose to dress up as the characters in their books.

“[My] book was about Junie B and Mae and how they don’t get along together. But at the end, Junie B gives Mae a gift that Mae really wanted,” said Palmer.

Students later presented their projects before judges.

“My book is called 'Frozen Charlotte.' It’s kind of like a little scary book. This girl name Sofie, her parents go on a trip after her friend got into an accident. She goes to her cousin’s house and it’s kind of haunted. There are these dolls. They talk to the girls, tell them to do bad things, and move around at night,” said Sarah Schultz, an eighth grader.

Students will take their projects to MSU Meridian on February 24th for a regional competition.

“We take our first-place winners and the move on to regionals. Then they compete against everyone in meridian. There’s a few other schools in the area too. It’s the whole southeast region that gets to participate,” said Lovette.


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