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Weekend tornado damages 20 plus homes

Around 10 o’clock in the evening, a severe thunderstorm struck meridian and Lauderdale county that soon after produced a tornado that touched down and traveled 10 miles between campground road and Fred Clayton road.

Today, director of the Lauderdale county emergency agency Scott Spears says that even though a tornado caused tremendous damage; he feels fortunate no one was killed.

“We did have a tornado; we got a lot of damage. 20 plus homes that were damaged and five mobile homes that were completely destroyed. We had an injury; a lady that was actually thrown out of her home. We were blessed that she only received stitches to her leg. Very blessed that that was the only injury we had,” Spears said.

Spears says currently they are engaged in clean-up efforts.

“We're in the process of trying to get it cleaned up, the county crew has been out, they were out that night clearing the roads. We had literally hundreds of trees that had every access blocked,” Spears added.

In addition to clean-up efforts, LEMA was also joined by scientists from the national weather service in Jackson to properly assess that the storm was indeed a tornado.

“It's tornado damage we found out here. We've been tracking it along a path through here in central Lauderdale county. What we found is a tremendous amount of tree damage, and there are also minor to moderate roof damage, we have trees on them. We also have areas where mobile homes were significantly damaged and the one behind me are indications of this,” Entremont said.

At the time of the interview the national weather service had not completed their study, but were sure of one thing.

“We've got at least an E-F two strength type tornado based on the damage on the mobile home behind me as well as on Campground road," Entremont explained. "There was significant tree damage, and generally most of the trees on that southeast side of the road that were totally snapped or uprooted.”

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