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MCC’s student HEADWAE award goes to Jay Fritts

Meridian Community College is shining a spotlight on Jay Fritts, a sophomore who recently received the college’s HEADWAE award.

“I believe I’m nothing special. There’s nothing better about me than any other student on campus. There are a lot of other students I bet are just as qualified as I am. But I try to do the best I can on my campus,” said Fritts.

HEADWAE is an acronym that stands for “Higher Education Appreciation Day-Working for Academic Excellence. Each year the award goes to one student and one faculty member.

Fritt’s chemistry professor nominated him for the student award, which is given to a student who promotes academic excellence.

“My major is biochemistry. I’m hoping to transfer to a four-year university next year and hopefully get into the pre-dental program,” said Fritts.

A resident of Collinsville, Fritts said MCC wasn’t his first choice when he began looking at colleges. But he later chose to join the eagle nation after seeing the college’s opportunities.

“It’s actually been the best decision of my life. The reason I say that is because, being a part of MCC, I’ve been able to be a part of so many different kinds of organizations. I’ve been exposed to so many different opportunities that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I went to a four-year college. For example, I’m in honors college, a part of BSU, as well as Phi Theta Kappa, and Ivy League,” said Fritts.

He offered a few words to high school seniors who may be considering MCC.

“You determine whether or not your experiences will be memorable here or not. If you come in with the right mentality saying I’m going to get involved as much as I can, try to do the best that I can in my grades and on my campus and community, then I would tell them it would be a tremendous, tremendous experience.”

MCC’s HEADWAE faculty award went to Al Mitchell, who’s chairman of the Student Success Center.


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