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MCC honors three employees during dedication ceremony

Yesterday, Meridian Community College honored three of its employees for their years of service in workforce development.

“Collectively they have 107 years to the college and the community. They have just made a huge difference in so many lives, helping to train people for good jobs,” said MCC President, Dr. Scott Elliott.

The college is honoring these employees by placing their names over classrooms in the MCC-Riley Workforce Development Center.

“I didn’t expect anything like this. I’ve already been honored by having a good career here. I love teaching, I love students, [and] I love the people I work with. It truly is my family, my MCC family,” said Shirley Nell Goodman, an honoree.

“There’s a saying about when you go for a day of work, if you enjoy the day, it’s really not like going to work. For my 35 years here that’s how I feel,” said Richie McAlister, an honoree.

“Everyday was a new day and it was just a wonderful career,” said Janet Heggie, an honoree.

Elliot said the center, which houses various job training programs, will be a tool to boost economic development.

“The challenge for Mississippi and probably many other states is that we have job vacancies, but we don’t have the people with the skills to qualify for those jobs. That’s what this workforce center is all about: to help train people in those industry-specific skills that industries need, so they can be transformed from having no job or a minimum wage job, into somebody who really has some buying power and can provide better for themselves and their family.”


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