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Community builds playground at James Chaney Park

Kids can now play in James Chaney Park. A community build was held over the weekend to put up the playground.

“I want to thank all the Greeks that came out. AKA’s, Deltas, Kappas, Omegas. We had a lot of people come out from various parts of the community to help with this endeavor. We had the Boys and Girls Club. We had a few preachers out here. They didn’t pick up much, but they were praying. We appreciate that,” said City Councilwoman, Kim Houston.

Located in Ward 4 on the corner of 40th Avenue and Paulding Street, the park had been neglected for years.

“It was a patch of grass. Every year we have been diligent and intentional about doing something special at this park because James Chaney was special to this community. He died for something. We need to keep his legacy alive and teach these young people that you have to give your all, stay in school, and make the best out of life,” said Houston.

Now thanks to a grant, the park will feature many outdoor activities.

“We’ve put a baseball diamond out here. We have LCD lighting so it’s nice and bright. We have the playground that’s going up today with the help of the community. Next year, we’re looking at putting up half-court basketball courts. We’re looking at constantly doing something to improve this park and make it great,” said Houston.

She explained the benefits the park will provide.

“Our children always need something positive to do. Something to take their minds off all the other foolishness that’s going on. Getting out from in front of the TV, and the video games, and getting outside, getting active, and taking better care of yourself. That gets your brain going. Our kids need their brains going so that we can make a difference in this community.”

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