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C-SPAN bus stops in Meridian

The C-SPAN bus is taking a road trip across the nation, and yesterday it made two stops: one at Meridian Community College and one at Meridian High School.

“If they’re not familiar with C-SPAN, they can find out about us, and then maybe when we leave, the hope is that they’ll try to look more into what we do,” said LaShawna Saint-Preux, a C-SPAN marketing representative.

The C-SPAN bus in an interactive multi-media platform that teaches students, teachers, and the community about how the cable network makes government more open to the American public.

“There’s a small mobile studio that we actually use to produce live television. We have six brand new touch-screen tablets at the front of the bus where people can find out more about C-SPAN, our resources, our history,” said Saint-Preux.

Some students toured the bus to learn more about the media.

“I felt like it would be a great opportunity for me a student at MCC and taking a broadcast course,” said Seth Mclemore.

Others came to learn more about politics.

“I believe politics determines our future. When we go into politics, a lot of the issues that we’re suffering with now can be relieved through the political atmosphere,” said Michael Sims.

Many were impressed with c-span’s approach to broadcasting information.

“At first I thought, or most people would think that C-SPAN is just like a news network. But basically, it’s a public access channel exaggerated on a more national scale,” said Joshua Cross.

“It releases whatever the president says, or what a governor or anyone says. There’s no outward influences or outward opinions. It’s just what’s directly being said. I think that’s cool,” said Justus Steele.

Saint-Preux explained why C-SPAN is reaching out to students.

“This is the new generation of leaders, so we want to make sure that they’re making informed decisions, no matter what side they may lean towards or who they may vote for.”


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