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Tyrone Johnson runs for Ward 2 City Council seat

A Democrat, Tyrone Johnson is running for the city council seat for Ward 2.

“I’m a native of the Ward 2 district. I went to school at Mississippi State University. I’m also in the Air Force. I just came home from a deployment last month,” said Johnson.

Dustin Markham, who’s running for mayor, currently holds the seat. So far, Johnson is running unopposed.

Johnson said he’s running for city council because he’s ready to serve the community and wants to solve some of the issues affecting Ward 2.

“One of the issues is crime. I don’t think it’s the level of crime; it’s something dealing with our youth. I think our youth are out here screaming for help, but no one is stepping up to the plate to provide those services. I’m willing to get out here and actually help, put my foot on the ground, go door-to-door, child-to-child, and try to get some resources to help these kids make better choices in life.”

He added that he hopes to bring a community outreach and job center to Meridian.

“I went to a place called the Mississippi Job Core Center and got my GED. I received a trade and they provided me with a job leaving out. I’m hoping we can work together and bring the same thing to Meridian because not everyone wants to go to college. Many young folks want to get a trade and get out and work.”

He said that he also supports family values.

“It’s what motivates me every day. My fiancé is Tcarro Ford. We’ll be getting married May 13. These are two of my daughters. We have five kids total. The other ones are in school. One goes to school here at Magnolia.”

Residents can meet Johnson and learn more about his plans for Meridian on March 15 at Magnolia Park. He will be hosting a community cleanup from 7 am to 2 pm.

“I would like to invite everyone to come out and help. We’re going to have music, bouncies, and games.”

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue our coverage of all candidates running in the municipal election.

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