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Meridian resident receives national storyteller award

Meridian resident Anne McKee has been a storyteller for over 25 years. Last week, she received the DAR national historic preservation recognition award for storytelling.

“I am just thrilled and bowled over because I had no idea a little story teller from Mississippi would be recognized,” said McKee.

She has traveled across the state telling historical narratives about Mississippi. Here in Meridian, she’s known for her stories about the Rose Hill Cemetery and how the city was founded.

“Here at Union Station, I tell the story of the beginnings of Meridian. Meridian was founded on the backs of the railroads. That was in the mid 1850’s. I tell this story of the Moore family, a pioneering railroad family who first came here,” said McKee.

To connect with listeners, she uses certain techniques.

“I research those stories and then I tell them just as they are. I don’t sugar coat them because these were real people with real struggles, successes, and heartaches. So, I humanize those stories to really help people to understand how things were in that day.”

She explained that her mission is to use storytelling to inspire others, especially children.

“I want them to understand that Mississippi is a wonderful place. There are so many things here for them. We can recognize that through the lives of others who lived here prior to them.”

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