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Red Tails exhibit in Meridian

The Wechsler foundation is bringing the Red Rail Squadron traveling exhibit to Meridian for five days.

“It’s free to all individuals, any youth groups or schools. We have a number of reservations already in place from a lot of the county schools. So, we encourage everyone to come out and take part in this historic event,” Wechsler foundation member Greg Moore said.

The exhibit will be parked at the Wechsler school on April 11 – 13th between 8 a.m. And 5 p.m. on the 14th and 15th and will be at key field.

“The exhibit is a traveling museum / movie theater. There is an 18-wheeler that will pull up. It has a circular movie theater inside. It will feature the featured film ‘rise above,’ which is a documentary of the tuskegee airmen. It’s about a 30 minute documentary. Also on display will be a p-51c mustang airplane that was flown by the tuskegee airmen,” Moore said.

Moore explained that some special guests might also be present.

“There are different chapters throughout the nation that still exist of tuskegee airmen. There’s a meridian native that we think may be able to get here,” Moore said. “Once again, if the Tuskegee airmen are able to travel, we hope to have a couple of them here.”

The event is one of multiple capital campaigns that the Wechsler foundation is hosting to rebuild the Wechsler school.

“The Wechsler school has been a hub for our community for decades. We’re attempting to revitalize that atmosphere and make this a central location for education, social action, and

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