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Male elementary students explore a technical future

Oakland Heights Elementary School is preparing students for the future.

Yesterday, third through fifth grade male students learned all about the field of technology, in terms of educational requirements, benefits of the profession, and what they can do now to start preparing for an IT career.

“Reading, writing, listening skills, and just to give back,” said David Carter, a network specialist in the Meridian Public School District.

The presentation was a part of the school’s mentoring program for male students.

“The monthly summit is just to address the issues that concern our young boys in elementary school. We want to get them already focused early to understand the importance of education and just making sure that they take it out into the world with them,” said Barbara Young, the school’s principal.

Carter gave the presentation and showed students what they can aspire to.

“I was in the same position they were in sitting in the same seats. I know how hard it was. I didn’t have anyone to talk to me about technology because technology wasn’t in at the time. I figured the way I can give back is that I know a bit about technology.”

He explained that early exposure to technology can jumpstart a child’s interest in STEM.

“They are in the technology age right now, so they need to be exposed to as much technology as they can. It’s a lot of different technology out there today. We here at the Meridian Public School District in the technology department is trying to give them all that they need.”

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