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A house fire claims two lives

5802 Mosby road was the site of a house fire, that claimed two lives.

“So just before 6pm yesterday on Thursday we received reports of a house fire with people trapped,” Jason Collier, Meridian fire marshal said.

According to Collier there were two residents inside the home as the grease fire ignited.

“The fire started, there was a pot that was left on the stove of cooking oil, and it was left unattended,” Collier explained.

Collier says the kitchen is where the grease fire started but quickly spread throughout the house.

“We arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the house,” Collier said. “The lady who was doing the cooking either she got distracted or fell asleep doing something else.”

The woman’s son was asleep in a bedroom where he was overcome by smoke inhalation.

“As far as we know there weren’t any working smoke detectors in the house, so none of the occupants were notified,” Collier also said.

Officials say both the mother and son tragically lost their lives in the house fire.

“Ms. Jacklyn Anderson was 63 and her son, who was Tyler Anderson was 29,” He said.

Collier says that the house fire could have been prevented, by taking these simple precautions.

“Never leave the kitchen if you have the stove on, first of all, if you have to leave the kitchen, take something with you from the kitchen. Take the spoon that you are using to stir the pot with, and hold it in your hand so you don’t get distracted by something,” He explained.

Collier say’s as a preventative measure, make sure you check your smoke detectors.

“Mistakes do happen, so when they do make sure you have a working smoke detector. In every room where you may fall asleep.” He said.

Collier believes that lives could have been saved, had the smoke detectors been working properly.

“To me, it just appears it could’ve been prevented and it’s just so sad,” Collier explained

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