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Second lady Karen Pence visits NAS Meridian

Karen Pence, the second lady of the United States, stopped by NAS Meridian yesterday to honor military spouses.

“Mrs. Trump asked me to do something with some group of women for National Women’s Month. I decided it would be great to honor women in the military, but the women who serve in the military are not just the ones who wear the uniform. They’re also the spouses,” said Pence.

Pence’s son, 1st Lt. Michael Pence, is currently a marine in flight training at NAS.

Pence used her experience as the first lady of Indiana to relate to military spouses and the sacrifices they make each day.

“They change careers. They have to take care of the kids in the home when someone is deployed. They have to move frequently,” said Pence.

“It’s nice to be appreciated and to be recognized for the sacrifices. She seems to have a great understanding,” said Jennifer Eveges, a military spouse.

“I really enjoyed it. It’s really nice how she can relate to us just through her son being in the military. I’m a marine corps brat myself, so I’m biased to her son being in the marine corps, but it was a really nice speech and we really enjoyed it,” said Heidi Hoffmen, a military spouse.

Earlier this month, Pence also recognized women in the military.

“It was nice being able to meet the second lady. We got to stand there and meet her as she got of the plane,” said NAS Meridian PFC Hannah Mclean.

Pence explained how residents can help support military spouses.

“I think if anyone lives near a base, just invite people to things you’re doing through your church or your community and welcome them in, because a lot of times they’re only here for a year or two and then they’re on to the next.”

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