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Tech Cats computer program at Meridian High

Meridian high has a new technology program, where they fix computers throughout the school called tech cats.

Program director, David Carter says, “The purpose of the tech cats program is to find students male or female, and get them interested in technology.”

This is the programs first year at Meridian High, and it has already made a difference by providing computers to Ross Collins.

“The pre-K down at ross Collins was in need of some computers, so we actually took four computers down there and set them up for them and I think they are pretty excited about that.”

He goes on to say that he hopes the students in the program, will apply their computer skills, in the real world.

“We are starting them in the 9th grade, and hopefully, they will stay with us through the 12th grade year. And hopefully each year they will learn more skills and by the time they graduate if they want to they will be able to work out in the job force of technology.”


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