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Third grade students name the Earth's Bounty Festival mascot.

This weekend, right here at city hall, is the kickoff for the earth’s bounty farmers market festival.

Festival chairman Maureen Lofton said, “We started earths bounty six years ago. We’ve had a farmers market downtown for a long time. But it wasn’t growing in customers. And so we wanted to create something that would bring in more people. “

She goes on to say that this weekends festival launch, will be full of events.

“So we added baked goods, and agricultural products like candles and soaps. Anything agriculturally based, to create a larger presence downtown.”

At the end of last year, the festival introduced a life size carrot as it’s mascot. The festival committee reached out to third grade classes across meridian, and asked the students to come up with a name.

Three different third graders came up with the name Garrett the carrot. They are Isabella Mathis of Clarkdale Elementary, Cannon Earnhart of Northeast Elementary and Princeton Chesney of West Lauderdale Elementary.

Cannon Earnhart said, “I’m so happy that I got to be the person that won the carrot name.”

The three third graders were each given a special reward, for their naming contribution.

Princeton Chesney said, “After naming the carrot they presented me with a certificate and a gift card.”

For their naming contribution, the Earth's Bounty Festival will present each students classroom with a special gift.

Jeremy J. Ford, Fox, 30 news.

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