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National Boys and Girls club week!

The East Mississippi boys and girls club is celebrating its national boys and girls club week. This afternoon kids will have the opportunity to play in the bounce house, get their faces painted, listen to music and eat various treats. All at the boys and girls club.

Jermaine Harris says, “Well this week we are celebrating national boys and girls club week and it comes around every year for about a week. And it’s a way that we always look to give back to our kids."

This week has been full of events, and after school, students will come out and enjoy themselves, throughout the evening.

“Today is just a free for all. Everything free. We’ve got bounce rides, games, activities, music, food, drinks, everything for them free," says Harris.

He goes on to say that he understands the struggles within the community.

“One thing I know is I’m a product of this boys and girls club. And like I said I’m 42 years old now. I’ve been with this club for over 32 years. And I promise where I come from, I never thought that I’d still be doing this to this day.”

The boys and girls club aims to guide children in the right direction, through mentor ship and various leadership programs offered within the facility.

Jeremy j. ford, fox 30 news.


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