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Love’s Kitchen gets pizza delivery from Little Caesar’s

A different item was on the lunch menu yesterday at Love’s Kitchen.

“All we had to do is bring some product out here. The dough, the cheese, the sauce,” said Ken LaBruyere.

It was a classic favorite, pepperoni pizza, prepared by Little Caesar’s.

“There’s an oven on this truck. We just make them here, fresh and cook ‘em,” said LaBruyere, who co-owns the two Little Caesar’s franchises in Meridian.

Clients received two slices of pizza, Pepsi, and cookies.

“I like Little Caesar’s pizza, even though I ate it yesterday too,” said Rebecca Ann.

“We didn’t know they were serving [pizza] until we came by and saw the truck. We had to stop, so here we are,” said Roxanne Matthews.

Labruyere said he and his wife were inspired to give back to the community following years of support.

“We’ve been here 25 years. This summer it’ll be 26 years. Meridian is home to us now. Even though we didn’t grow up here, it’s home.”

This is the fourth year that the chain restaurant has served pizza at Love’s Kitchen. This Friday they will do the same thing at the Boys and Girls Club.

“This truck also goes to disaster areas. That’s one on the important things that people may not realize. It’s probably going to head to Louisiana sometime next week or this week to help out with some of the disasters,” said Fannie Johnson, executive director of Love’s Kitchen.

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