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Controlled Burn at Bonita Lakes

The Mississippi forestry commission is conducting a controlled burn, for the city of meridian.

Greg Chatham, with the Mississippi Forestry Comission says, “What we are doing today is conducting approximately a 900-acre controlled burn, for the city of meridian at Bonita lakes park.”

The purpose of today’s controlled burn, is fuel reduction. He says, "Over time the leaves, pine, straw, the fuel loading builds up, and the city needs to get rid of the fuel. The reason is, if a wild fire breaks out, it won’t be as intense, and it wouldn’t kill the tree’s."

The burn which started around 10 am this morning, will run all throughout the day. “There will still be some smoke probably tomorrow, but it will be over with, within 48 hours.”

Chatham says, with 900 acres to burn, they have to take safety precautions.

“What we do is, we go in and put a fire lane around the perimeter, with equipment. And protect any kind of exposed structures. And, just run a slow fire through to get rid of the fuel load.”

“I know immediately following a burn, it’s not very pleasurable to the eye. But if you will let it rain two or three times, and when all that green starts to come back out, it will be beautiful. And you will be able to see through the forest, it will be more food for the animals. It makes for a healthy forest."


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