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National Library week.

It’s national library week at the meridian, Lauderdale county public library.

Sarah Salen, the children's librarian says,“This week is national library week so we have a special event this Friday. We have national celebration day.”

In light of national library week, the library will hold a public book sale, throughout the week, put on by the friends of the library group. The book sale is used to raise money for the library.

Walt Barrett, the assistant director says, “We’ve raised in the thousands of dollars. You know in the low, two or three thousand dollars is a good book sale.”

With books by very popular authors, everyone is sure to find at least one good book for a discounted price.

He goes on to say, “we have all kinds of books. We have a really great selection of fiction books. With popular authors like John Grishem, Danielle Steele, all the good authors. Encyclopedias, just about anything that you want we have it.”

This Friday is celebration day, were everyone is invited to come to the library for an afternoon of fun events.

“We will have some fun jumps, we will have hotdogs and sodas for sale for 50 cents each. We will have free popcorn, we ill have games which is lots of fun. The fire truck is going to come out, we have a dare officer that is going to come out and be talking to the children," Salen say's.

With events happening all week, the public library is sure to have something for everyone.

Jeremy j. Ford, fox 30 news.

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