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Red Tail Museum comes to Meridian

A one-of-a-kind traveling museum has made a stop in Meridian.

“I’m actually enjoying this field trip. It’s very breathtaking. It’s a learning experience. I think many people need to come here and learn about it,” said Jaylon Brown, a sixth grader at Magnolia Middle School.

It’s called the Red Tail Museum. The Wechsler Foundation brought the museum to Meridian as way to raise money to help restore the Wechsler School.

“We’re going to start downstairs as far as renovation goes. I know you have not seen our auditorium yet, but we have started on it. It is looking awesome,” said Verda Kelly-Jack, a board member of the foundation.

Students got a chance to get on this big 18-wheeler to see a film about the Tuskegee Airmen.

“It’s an inspirational and educational film for the kids. George Lucas came to see it himself, the guy that created Red Tails. He thought it was so important that he asked the actors, Cuba Gooding Jr. and some of the actors, to come and see us,” said Terry Hollis, the tour manager for the museum.

Students also learned about African history, the Key brothers, and Sherman’s attack on Meridian.

“People don’t even know that meridian was actually burned down by General William T. Sherman and his armies. But what happened to Meridian then? Meridian rose above. This whole thing this entire week is about this. No matter how far down you might be, you can always rise above. Look at meridian now. It is huge,” said Kelly-Jack.

Field trips to the Red Tail Museum will continue today and tomorrow. The museum will be open to the public Friday and Saturday, and some Tuskegee Airmen who are still living are expected to be there.


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