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Citizens National Bank hosts small business seminar

Aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners learned a few tips today during a small business seminar hosted by Citizens National Bank. It was held at the MCC-Riley Workforce Development Center.

“How do you start a business, how do you run a business, what are all the resource partners that are involved in that. We have booths set up around the room for you to be able to go to location to location to visit with each resource partner like the small business administration,” said Citizens National Bank CEO Archie McDonnell.

Over 100 attendees came looking for answers.

“I decided to come here because I want my own clothing store someday, so I came to get some ideas about it,” said Patricia Shamburger.

“[I came] just to learn some more about how to expand my business, how to attract more customers, advertising, networking, funding, just basically what any small business would need to know,” said Mari Posa Pigott.

A major focus of the seminar was teaching small business owners how they can gain access to capital.

“That mean’s getting a loan to start or maintain a small business. A lot of small business owners don’t know the process for that,” said McDonnell.

He explained why Citizen’s National Bank believes in supporting small businesses.

“For Meridian and our region to grow, we need to have successful small businesses because most of the businesses fit into that definition of a small business.”


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