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Police officer on administrative leave after fight

A Meridian police officer is on administrative leave after being caught on video fighting at a baseball game. A bystander recorded the altercation, which happened last Friday in Ridgeland.

In the video, Eric Johnson, is seen running towards a coach before punching him to the ground. The case is currently under investigation by the Ridgeland Police Department.

“I spoke with the chief this morning. That investigation has not been completed. He said they had some loose ends to tie up. He also told me that the individual that was involved in the altercation with our officer had signed affidavits yesterday for simple assault against the officer. The officer is making arrangements to go to Ridgeland and turn himself in, post bond, and await trial,” said Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose.

Dubose said the coach had been ejected from the game prior to the incident. Johnson, who provides security for mayor Percy Bland, was off-duty at the time. Dubose said he will wait for results from the investigation before he decides on what happens next.


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