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City council seeks night construction workers

Phase I of downtown paving is complete. But city council members are back at square one when it comes to finding a contractor to complete phase II.

“Phase II paving will address some of the needed paving in our downtown area, some portions of 22nd Avenue, 6th Street, 8th Street, and the area around city hall,” said Public Works Director Hugh Smith.

In yesterday’s city council meeting, council members rejected a previous bid made to finish the project.

“We want to make sure in our specifications that all the vendors and people who want to take control of this contract understand that we need organizations that can pave at night,” said Ward 4 City Councilwoman Kim Houston.

Council members said they don’t want the construction to inconvenience business owners as well as residents.

“Businesses mostly close around 10, so from 10 until they open up again that morning, and that’s theoretically,” said Smith.

Contractors who are interested have 30 days to respond. Houston said council members will accept the best and lowest bid and will continue what she calls a process to pave the whole city.

“We’re trying to make sure that we address major thoroughfares, our downtown, and then our neighborhood streets because that’s the part that’s really going to be continuous and ongoing.”

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